Wildcat Furniture Repair – In House Service for $90/HR

Wildcat Furniture Repair is Kentucky’s most well-respected furniture repair and restoration company. We are committed to customer satisfaction through hard work, proven techniques and unparalleled professionalism.

Summary of Services

Wildcat Furniture Repair’s technicians are experienced in a wide-range of furniture repair and restoration needs. We have experience restoring and repairing dinner tables, coffee tables, end tables, armoires, dressers, antiques, cabinets, etc. Our custom-formulated finishes and established techniques are proven solutions for today’s homeowner.

Furniture Refinishing:
Our technicians will refinish your furniture either on site or in our shop. Refinishing consists of completely removing the old finish, sanding, staining and then applying a clear coat to protect the finish and bring out the true beauty of the wood. Please note that all stripping is done by hand, we do not dip or use flow over systems. We have complete shop facilities for refinishing and refurbishing. We also do on site refinishing on built in wood work or pieces that are too large to take to our shop.

Furniture Refurbishing:
Our technicians will refurbish either on site or in our shop. Refurbishing differs from refinishing is that we don’t strip the old finish but work with it to maintain and enhance the original finish and/or correct damage that is too extensive for touch-up. Refurbishing is an excellent choice for furniture that is worn or damaged and needs to be brought back to the original appearance.

On Site Repairs:
On site repairs are for touching up or repairing damage to furniture that doesn’t require refinishing or refurbishing. Examples are: moving damage, white spots/water or heat rings on tables, isolated damage to furniture such as dining room tables and dressers where something heavy has been dropped or the finish damaged in small areas. These repairs can be done in home and most often cannot be noticed.

Other examples:
We also provide the DFF (Drill, Fill & Finish), precision repairs that must be drilled out, filled, sanded, colored, grain lines put in, and then finished, all by hand. Long lasting, will not fall out. (Warning: There is an odor of lacquer in customer’s home; customer will be advised to create fresh airflow).

For a free estimate please email 4 pictures of your damaged property – we will respond within 24 hours. Refinishing, Cabinet Refacing, Nicks, Dents, Scratches, Gouges, Cross Grain Scratch, Compression Dents, Décor and claw rebuilding, Missing Color, Mfg Fills, Chips, Splits, Finish Problems, Missing Chunks, Knot filled, Edge/Lip Rebuild, Broken Legs, arms, and wood components, Burns, Pet Damage, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Finish Scratches, Some veneers, Crushed Corners, Raised Wood, Chafed Color, and much more!

We make your furniture look like this again: